• Your journey to Iona
    begins and ends
    at home

  • How will God speak to you?

  • What calls you to Iona?

  • Travel with purpose to Iona



Deepen your journey to Iona, Scotland with this meaningful pilgrimage journal!


Waymarkers is a collection of scripture, prayers, blessings and meditations, which provides the pilgrim journeying to Iona, Scotland with materials to guide the pilgrimage preparations and deepen reflections while en route to this sacred site. Waymarkers will help you make ready the road!


"What I love and think is very helpful about this collection is that it concentrates on the pilgrimage to and from Iona: our pilgrimage doesn't start when we arrive on the island – and it certainly doesn't end when we leave."
Neil Paynter, Editor, Wild Goose Publications


"There are many guidebooks to Iona but none like this that captures the full understanding of pilgrimage as a journey and not a destination – and that pilgrimage is not simply to a sacred site but is the ongoing way we participate in the sacred journey of life. I will use this over and over in my Iona retreats."
Vivienne Hull, Director of the Iona Retreats and Co-Director of Spirit of Legacy at the Whidbey Institute